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Measure your team’s wellbeing with the new HappyTrack tool. HappyTrack takes less than 10 seconds to interact with. It doesn’t interrupt the good times, and makes a real difference in the hard times.

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The Wellness App Your Team Needs

We know how difficult it can be to spot when your team is struggling, especially with so many people now working remotely. That’s why we created HappyTrack, the slack-based wellness app your team needs. HappyTrack is a daily check-in app that gets rid of the guesswork, helping you track and manage employee wellness, so you can be there for your team when they need it most. You can download and install HappyTrack easily from the Slack app store


On average, 4 in 5 people experience stress at work, making work-related stress the most common form of stress in the UK.

High levels of stress can have long-term negative effects on the mental health and wellbeing of your employees, leading to burnout, anxiety, depression or illness.

Employee stress and mental health struggles are greatly reduced when you take the time to check in with your team. HappyTrack helps you do this everyday so that you can stay connected and provide support.


Wellbeing Support in the Workplace

With so many of us now working remotely, impromptu chats and team meetings in the office are no longer a reality. And for many, the feelings of isolation and disconnect are creeping in. HappyTrack replicates those casual check-ins to help boost connectedness and identify when someone might be struggling.

The Benefits of HappyTrack

  • Monitors employee happiness
  • Connects and engages with your team in a meaningful way
  • Promotes better awareness of employee wellbeing
  • Boosts employee engagement
  • Monitors trends so that you can make proactive changes

Why is Wellness Important in the Workplace?

The way we work has changed.

At the height of the pandemic, morning commutes and in-office working became a thing of the past. Offices that were once bustling with people sat empty for months as thousands were forced to work remotely, many for the first time.

Remote working is isolating.

Everyone - from employees to their managers - grappled with the sudden isolation. Without impromptu coffee breaks or face-to-face meetings, staying connected was more difficult than ever and mental health and wellbeing took a downward turn.

Everyone needs individual support.

Many employers faced the question of how to support their staff during such unfamiliar times. However, most simply didn’t know how to start the conversation. That’s why we created HappyTrack, the workplace wellbeing app.

"HappyTrack is an effective way to gather effective and honest feedback from individuals within your organisation with minimal time impact on your team or managers."

Managing Director
Andy Ferrett

Introducing HappyTrack
The Workplace Wellness App

Every day, HappyTrack asks your team a straightforward question, “Hey, how are you today?” This daily message requires less than 10 seconds of interaction but prompts employees to check-in with how they are feeling.

Each person rates their happiness by selecting a number from 1-10. One being low, ten being high. (And don’t worry, we understand that everyone has different scales!) You can even adjust what time each message is sent to address specific time zones or employee work schedules.

The app helps you track and manage employee wellness on a daily basis and will notify you if an employee’s answer is lower than normal.

A depiction of the HappyTrack rating system.

Health & Wellbeing Support Delivered Daily

When you’re working remotely, it is almost impossible to spot the subtle changes in an individual's health and wellbeing. With HappyTrack, you will be notified when an employee's score is lower than usual, indicating they may need extra support. This ensures you can offer proactive help when it’s needed.

Although HappyTrack does not replace the need for in-person conversations and connection, it ensures that all your employees feel seen, heard, and cared for on a daily basis.

Employee Wellness and Data Security

In order for HappyTrack to be effective, your team needs to know the information they are sharing is fully secure and confidential. That’s why we developed HappyTrack with data-security at its heart.

HappyTrack stores employee wellness data securely using Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we've implemented best practices to ensure that all employee wellness data is kept protected and secure company-wide.

We've made sure that you control who has access to happiness scores and who receives the daily notifications reporting any changes in employee's scores.

How HappyTrack Promotes a Happier, Healthier Workforce

Prioritising employee wellness is the best way to reduce stress and cultivate a happier, healthier workforce. Whether you oversee a team of two or two hundred, HappyTrack is the employee wellbeing solution you need. HappyTrack supports your employees by providing...

A Personalised Care Experience

It is easy for employees to feel overlooked or invisible at work, whether they work remotely or not. This can lead to feelings of isolation and dissatisfaction. HappyTrack lets you monitor how everyone is feeling on a daily basis so that you can support those who need it, when they need it most.

10 Seconds of Interaction

We know that gathering feedback from your team can be time-consuming. A wellness app isn’t doing its job if it adds to employee stress. That’s why we developed HappyTrack to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. In less than 10 seconds, employees can share how they are honestly feeling with minimal impact on their time.

How to Install HappyTrack

Your team is at their happiest when they feel cared for and supported at work. HappyTrack helps you prioritise employee wellness and drive long-lasting, positive change in the workplace.

HappyTrack is now available from the Slack app store.

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